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5 Surprising Ways Motorised Blinds Can Improve Your Life

5 Surprising Ways Motorised Blinds Can Improve Your Life

We all want an easy life. That’s why having comfortable living features all tied together in a
handy app or via a remote is so appealing.

Motorised blinds are no exception to this, but aside from being the ultimate luxury convenience in your home – whether in your living room or your bedroom – there are many more ways in which they can improve your life.

Here at Solo Blinds, we’ve got five key benefits you can expect from motorised blinds to
inspire you.

1. Protect furniture with programmed open and closing

A long time spent in the sun might feel good for us, but for your textiles, fabrics and woods, it
can be damaging. Prolonged exposure can see fabrics fade, woods warp and even your
artwork on the walls could be affected.

With programmed opening and closing, even when you’re away on holiday or out during the day, you can shield your furniture.

Moving in sync with the sun, your chosen blinds can be set so that less UV damage is done
to the interior of your home.

2. Safer for children and pets

We all know that children and pets can be curious and inquisitive, looking to explore their
surroundings and play. But this can present a hazard if you have blinds with cords.

Opting for motorised blinds means you get peace of mind at all times. This is especially true
if you install motorised blinds in a child’s bedroom, as they can be left to play safely and you
can raise or lower their blinds to suit the time of day.

3. Maximises space in your home

Motorised blinds may seem like they take up the same amount of space in your window, but
with no need to be stood right by them to raise or lower them, you don’t have to plan your
furniture arrangement around them.

This gives you more options when positioning furniture and therefore means you can configure your room in a way that maximises space — and you still get the full functionality of your blinds for light and privacy.

Feel like you’ve moved into a bigger home without actually having to go through the hassle
of moving.

4. Increase security when you’re away

Worried about who might be able to see into your property at night while you’re away on

Motorised blinds that can be programmed to open in the day and close in the
evening not only help you keep prying eyes out, but to anyone passing by it will seem like
the house is still occupied.

Set your blinds to your routine and throw opportunistic thieves off
their game.

5. Make your home more thermally efficient

After all the recent energy price increases, we’re all looking for ways to lower bills.

The good news is that motorised blackout blinds can play their part in this effort, blocking out the sun during summer so that you don’t need to put the fan on full and retaining heat in winter to minimise how much you rely on central heating.

Set your blinds to open and close in line with the season and you’ll be surprised at just what a difference it can make to your comfort and your bills.

As you can see, motorised blinds are more than just an added luxury — they add some essential benefits to the modern home.

Here at Solo Blinds, we have automated and electric blinds for a range of styles, so there’s something to suit any room in your home.

We supply and install motorised blinds and accessories from some of the leading manufacturers,
including Goelst, Somfy and Becker, allowing you to integrate your blinds into your smart
home setup and control them from your smartphone or tablet.

With over 30 years of experience, we’ll help you find the perfect blinds, whether it’s to style
your living room or to create a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your child.

Serving homeowners across the North East, including Cramlington, Ashington, Morpeth and
Blyth, why not call us today to find out how easy it is to get all of the above benefits?

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