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Best Blinds for Commercial & Home Offices

Best Blinds for Commercial & Home Offices

Decorating any office, whether it’s a large commercial space or your home office room, means thinking about the practical elements as well as the overall aesthetics. 

Your working environment needs to be comfortable as well as attractive, and that goes for every detail, right down to your choice of blinds.

This month at Solo Blinds, we’re going to take a closer look at the things you need to consider for blinds in the office and in your home office, as well as a breakdown of the best blinds for these spaces. So whether you’re back at the office full time, permanently working from home, or have a hybrid working arrangement, you’ll be able to find the right option for your windows thanks to us.

Things to consider for office and home office windows

  1. Privacy – If your office or home is overlooked by other buildings, you may want the option to shut the world out and focus, or even to boost security. Not so important if you’re high up in an office block, but you still might not want any distractions.
  2. Light control – Glare on screens and direct sunlight in your eyes as you try to work can be a constant battle without blinds that are easy to adjust. As the sun moves, you need to be able to control the amount of natural light you get and the direction in which it enters a room.
  3. Temperature control – Depending on how large your windows are, you may need to think about using blinds to keep the office cool or to let in more warming sunlight. This can help with energy bills for large offices as well as small ones at home.
  4. Noise control – Traffic, neighbours, pedestrians — they can all make it hard to concentrate if the noise penetrates through your windows. A thicker blind can help with this, though again it may not be as big a concern if you’re high up in a block.
  5. Durability – In a busy office, with people passing through or opening and closing blinds throughout the day, durable materials are vital. This will ensure your blinds last as long as possible, though not as important if you’re by yourself at home!

Easy to use – Another factor for a busy office, complicated blinds are a distraction and a frustration. You need them to be easy to use by everyone for a functional working space.

Types of blinds for office and home office windows

With so many options to choose from in the Solo Blinds range, we thought we’d pick some of the best blinds for office spaces to help narrow down your choices.


Venetian blinds for offices

Managing to be an elegant solution, while still having a formal feel when installed in an office, Venetian blinds are great if you constantly need to adjust things because of the position of the sun. Not only are the slats adjustable, but you can raise or lower the entire blind if you want to completely shut out – or let in – the daylight.

These blinds are perfect for offices that get a lot of light or for homes where you still want a relaxed setting while you work. That last point is especially important to note if your home office doubles as a guest room when you aren’t working in it.


Vertical blinds for offices

One of the most popular blinds for commercial settings, vertical blinds have long been used to provide full coverage for windows – particularly floor-to-ceiling windows – while still offering the ability to adjust the filtration of light into the space. 

A vertical blind for a large window or a run of consecutive windows is ideal, but they can still help create a formal, working atmosphere at home if you have an extension or conservatory with large windows.


Roman blinds for offices

Roman blinds may not feel like the most natural fit for a large, formal office, but if you’ve got a smaller office and you want to create a feeling of comfort, then they’re a superb choice. If keeping things formal and on-brief is important, you can always choose your blinds in a colour that matches your brand palette. 

Roman blinds are traditionally a little thicker than something like vertical blinds, so they offer slightly better insulating properties too, a key factor if you’re at home and want to lower your energy bills.


Twist vision blinds for offices

The fact that twist vision blinds are sometimes called day and night blinds should tip you off as to why we recommend these for your office – you can use them in daylight hours or to block out light at night. At home, you’ll want something stylish yet functional, and that’s exactly what you get with the twin layers of these blinds.

For a larger, creative and more dynamic office, these blinds will still work very well, ensuring that glare from the sun can either be blocked or filtered during the day. All you have to do is glide the two layers into your optimal position and adjust when you need to.


At Solo Blinds, we can help you find the right blinds for your office. So whether you want to use one of the styles we’ve suggested or you have something different in mind, look no further. For an added touch of class in your office, you can even get electric and automated blinds from our team.

Wherever your office is based in Cramlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth and the surrounding areas, our family-run business has the skill and experience to help. From choosing the right design to immaculate fitting, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Call today and get a free home visit and quote for your office or office room at home.

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