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Best Blinds for Winter To Keep You & Your Home Warm

Best Blinds for Winter To Keep You & Your Home Warm

Winter is here once again in the UK, bringing brisk morning frosts as well as cosy nights indoors. There’s plenty to enjoy and even celebrate about winter – it means Christmas is close, after all – but it’s always a scourge when it comes to heating and energy bills.

With a rise in energy costs on all our minds right now, it’s worth thinking about how we can better retain heat in our homes. How thermally-efficient your home is can depend on a number of factors, including the age of the property, but there are certain things we can all do to make things better.

Take a look at the tips we have for the best blinds to keep you and your home warm this winter.

Roller blinds for winter

If you’re considering roller blinds for your home and heating bills are of concern to you, then try and ensure you get as thick material as possible. You can even have this timeless style created in a perfect fit design, ensuring your windows are completely covered. This additional, precise layer means you get the minimalist look you’re after as well as a reduction in the warmth you lose via the windows.

Roman blinds for winter

When talking about preventing heat loss through your windows, one of the main factors to consider is the materials being used. With Roman blinds, you get a thicker material than with other standard blinds.

Add in the fact that you can install Roman blinds outside your window recess, and you get a wider coverage with better material. This will help to combat heat escaping through your windows.

Wooden Venetian blinds for winter

You might be thinking that, given the gaps they can create, Venetian blinds may not be the most efficient type for preventing heat loss – and you’d be right. However, by using wood as the material, not only can you benefit from the natural aesthetics they bring, but you can also get better thermal efficiency due to their density. 

We’re not saying these should be your first choice where heating bills are a concern, but if you like the look of Venetian blinds, choosing them in wood can bring you some benefits when snugly fitted to your windows.

Conservatory blinds for winter

Your conservatory is somewhere that, in summer, is a lovely place to sit and relax. But in winter, the number of windows and their size can result in a chillier feeling. For this reason, it’s worth paying special attention to your choice of blinds if you have a conservatory and you want to avoid losing your heat through it.

The options discussed above could all be great, but pleated blinds, when fitted exactly to your windows, should also be high on the list. For the ultimate luxury, opt for electric blinds and you can ensure you have complete control over the blinds in your conservatory when the cold weather comes, all at the touch of a button.

Blackout blinds for winter

We’ve spoken about the benefits of choosing the right material, and while blackout material is often thought of as a great way to block out light in bedrooms and living rooms, it’s also great for improving thermal efficiency. The density of the fabrics involved to prevent light from entering your home can also help to keep the heat in – a nice, practical bonus as we move into December and the colder months ahead. Plus, blackout materials can be paired with a number of blind styles, giving you a great range to choose from. 


The options we’ve explored here are just some of the better options when you’re thinking about keeping your home warm. But it’s a good idea to combine this with other improvements to your home if you want to make things toasty and warm this winter. Think about the age of your boiler, upgrade your insulation and consider switching energy companies to get the best for your home. These things, when combined with quality blinds, will work together to keep you comfortable and reduce your bills.

At Solo Blinds, we provide a full range of blinds for homes across Cramlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth and the surrounding areas. If you want more advice on the best blinds for a warm home, simply call today and speak to our team of experts who can help you select a blind to combine practical benefits and superior style.

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