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Best Types of Blinds for Schools

Best Types of Blinds for Schools

When it comes to blinds and window dressings for schools, there are an array of different things to consider. This month at Solo Blinds, we’re going to outline the three most important factors to bear in mind and then provide some insight into some of the best types of blinds for schools.

School Blinds – factors to consider:

Factor 1: Where students and young children are involved, safety has always got to be top of your list, and this applies to your choice of blinds. From removing choking hazards to ensuring materials are appropriate for the fire risk of a given room, these are the things you need to carefully check. 

Factor 2: Closely followed by safety is the ability to filter light throughout the school day as the sun rises or sets – everything in a school has to be functional in order to facilitate learning. Control of sunlight also helps to control the temperature in a room, allowing you to keep students comfortable.

Factor 3: Schools are busy places, with hundreds of pupils passing through hallways for classes in different rooms all day long. That means blinds in classrooms, assembly halls and corridors need to be robust enough to stand up to a constant flow of people.


Blind styles most suitable for schools

Let’s take a look at some of the styles that would most suit schools based on the above, as well as which areas of a school building they might better suit based on their attributes.

Venetian blinds

When it comes to controlling light filtration, there aren’t many better blinds for the job than Venetian blinds. With adjustable slats and a clean, contemporary look, they’re perfect for classrooms that are being used throughout the day. This means that when the sun is hitting the windows directly, with a simple twist of the wand you can prevent students from becoming distracted or dazed. You also get the flexibility to completely raise the blinds or shut out the majority of the light by closing the slats depending on the requirements of the lesson.

Vertical blinds

Because of the more commercial and corporate feel, vertical blinds are great for school offices or administration areas. They’re also ideal for larger windows that extend to the floor, such as in assembly halls, since they can easily be controlled to allow light in while providing shade for anyone inside. These blinds are not as well suited for classrooms with small children as they are more likely to be played with if they are within easy reach.

Roller blinds

If you want to add a splash of colour to your school library or simply have an option for lighting control that is durable and easy to clean for an art room, roller blinds are ideal. Since they come with child-safety functions, you can be certain that safety is upheld wherever they are installed within your school. Roller blinds can come in a variety of patterns, so you’re bound to find something to liven up a space and make it more engaging for younger children.

Blackout blinds

Where you need more darkness for projectors, presentations and photography studios, blackout blinds should be top of your list. Because they are created with a blackout lining, you can be assured that they’ll block out light allowing for clearer imagery when you’re presenting or working on projects that involve light. This is also useful if you’re attempting to keep a room cool when the sun is beaming directly at your classroom windows.


Here at Solo Blinds, we supply and install all of the above blinds and more for schools, colleges and universities across Cramlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth and the surrounding areas. We can offer our expertise when it comes to selecting the right blinds for your school when you book an appointment with one of our friendly advisors.

Make sure your pupils have a safe and comfortable learning environment – call us today to discuss blinds for your school.

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