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Fixing Common Problems With Roller Blinds

Fixing Common Problems With Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a really popular blind style for homes up and down the country. They work in almost every room and come in so many shades and patterns – but above all else, they’re really easy to use. That’s why when you encounter a problem with them, it can be really frustrating. 

This month at Solo Blinds, we’ll tackle the common problems with roller blinds and how you might be able to fix them. But let’s start things off by explaining just how roller blinds work…


How roller blinds work

There are two different types of roller blinds on the market: chain operated roller blinds and spring-operated roller blinds (with the added option for electric roller blinds). Both are simple to use, with spring-operated rollers often being preferred for children’s bedrooms due to the lack of a cord. 

They’re one of the most simple yet elegant choices on the market, so fixing any problems with your roller blinds should be straightforward. We’ve provided these tips for the most common issues with each type of roller blind that can be easily solved by you, but if your blinds are beyond repair – or if you’re uncomfortable attempting to fix them yourself – you can trust Solo Blinds to provide high-quality, reliable roller blinds for your home or business.

Please bear in mind that while many roller blind models are very similar, some may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


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Common Chain Roller Blinds Issue

Broken Chain – If your chain is broken it will likely fall out of the mechanism when you try to use it, but even if it’s damaged or a little grubby, replacing a roller blind chain is relatively straightforward. 

  • Simply remove the mechanism where the chain sits at the end of the roller tube. 
  • You can then remove the screw at the end of this mechanism before gently pulling the mechanism apart to get access to where the chain sits. 
  • From here you can replace the old chain with the beads sitting in the grooves of the mechanism.
  • Assemble the mechanism again – remembering the screw – and rehang your roller blind.


Common Spring-Loaded Roller Blinds Issues

Lack of Tension – Spring-loaded blinds require tension in order for them to be pulled down and locked into the position of your choosing. If your blind has lost tension over time, there’s no need to panic, as this can be addressed in a fairly simple manner. 

  • Many blinds of this type will have a small pin on the left side of the tube, simply roll the blind down part-way before pushing this small pin in. 
  • You should then remove the blind itself from the bracket, roll it up by hand and replace it back in the bracket. 
  • Before using the blind, be sure to pull the pin out slightly again, and this should restore the tension so that it can be pulled down, staying in place.
  • You may need to repeat this process if you require more tension, but be careful not to add too much tension to the blind as this can cause other problems.

Fabric Jam – Sometimes you may notice that the bottom bar of the blind isn’t level, or that the material of the blind itself is rolling off to the side as it goes up. This should be easy to rectify with the following steps:
Firstly, try pulling the blind all the way down using the bottom bar. Once fully unrolled, carefully roll it back up to the top evenly.

  • If you can’t do this because the material still rolls to the side, try removing the blind and unrolling it by hand.
  • Roll back up by hand, keeping the material evenly rolled on the tube, then rehang in the brackets.
  • If this does not rectify the issue, there may be a deeper internal issue where a professional blind specialist is required to adjust the mechanism itself.


Common Electric Roller Blinds Issues

Remote Not WorkingElectric roller blinds make life even easier and can come from a number of different manufacturers, but one common issue people find is that their remote doesn’t seem to be working.

  • It seems simple, but often it could be that the battery in the remote is flat.
  • Replace the battery in the controls and try the remote again.
  • If there is an LED light, you can check whether this illuminates when you’re using the buttons.
  • If the battery in the remote is brand new but still doesn’t work, it could be that your remote needs to be replaced. Before replacing the remote, however, take a look at our next issue to rule it out as the source of the problem.

Motor Not Working – Wireless motors help to create a clean, seamless look to your blinds, with a battery wand connecting to a motor. If you know your remote has a brand new battery, it could be that the batteries are dead in your wand.
Remove the battery wand from behind the blind itself and take out the old batteries.

  • Install all-new batteries (following the accepted battery type outlined by the manufacturer) and refit the battery wand, connecting back to the motor firmly.
  • Try your remote to see if the connection has been restored. If this does not work, you may need to contact a professional for further assistance.

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