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The Benefits of Skylights

The Benefits of Skylights

Whether you have a commercial building with multiple purposes, such as a leisure centre, or you own an office building for your business, you want it to operate at its best in a number of categories. That’s why, when it comes to choosing different lighting and window options – either part of refurbishments or constructing from new – skylights offer fantastic benefits.

This month, at Solo Blinds, we’re going to explore the commercial benefits of skylights and how they can help your business moving forward.

Natural lighting

There are so many proven benefits to natural lighting for businesses. Whether it’s the psychological boost staff get in an office or shared space from sunlight, or the visible improvement in how your company looks when things are bright and light instead of dark and gloomy.

In addition, improved natural lighting can help boost safety on your premises without installing costly lighting. This makes for a better long-term investment, especially considering the volatile nature of the energy market.

Additional ventilation

Poor air quality is another issue you can help to combat with skylights. Whether it’s indoor moisture control you’re looking to tackle or you simply want something that will work well with your HVAC system, skylights are ideal. Poorly ventilated spaces are not pleasant at the best of times, but it’s especially important when you have a space prone to excessively humid activities, such as a swimming pool or spa facility.

Without proper ventilation, you also put your business at an increased risk of developing mould and bacterial growth. This can impact the health of anyone in your building, but it also isn’t safe for spaces where food handling and preparation happens.

Better privacy

Many offices and businesses are so tightly packed into city centres and built-up areas that there can be a distinct lack of privacy between buildings. While many buildings will naturally come adorned with large windows, skylights can offer the same natural lighting opportunity but without the loss of privacy. This can also help to create a more productive environment for those working in the building as they aren’t distracted by passers-by but, crucially, they won’t feel like they’re cooped up inside.

Roof access

When your roof is dotted with skylights, it’s easy to add an access hatch without it ruining the aesthetics of the building. This means you can get access to the roof for any maintenance or contractor work to be carried out. Allowing access this way is a little safer as it can be carried out indoors, especially if you have a top floor, as this removes the need for someone to use a ladder system all the way up the exterior of the building.

Easy to add blinds

We’ve covered plenty of practical benefits, but regardless of whether your building is home to your staff or somewhere with lots of customers travelling through, it helps that skylights can easily be paired with effective and attractive blinds. Skylights blinds, sometimes referred to using the brand name Velux blinds, can be both stylish and practical, allowing you to regulate light and shade, matching any theme you have for the rest of the decor in your building.

At Solo Blinds, we provide a whole range of blinds for commercial buildings throughout the North East – including Cramlington, Ashington, Morpeth and Blyth. Whether you have skylights and need something suitable to help your business look and operate at its best, or you have larger glass frontage that you require a solution for, we’re here to help. 

With years of experience, we offer professional advice to businesses in a variety of sectors – from schools and hospitals to offices and warehouses. We’re also the largest manufacturers of blinds for the region, operating as a family-run business to ensure you get great choice, great quality and great service.

Call today and speak to our friendly team — we’re always happy to help with whatever commercial blinds requirement you have.

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