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Why Vertical Blinds Are Ideal for Healthcare Businesses

Why Vertical Blinds Are Ideal for Healthcare Businesses

For many people, vertical blinds are intrinsically linked with their local GP or dentist’s office from years gone by. But why do we see this particular blind style in healthcare settings more than any other?

From care homes and doctors’ offices to beautician shops and even in homes, vertical blinds have seen lasting popularity through the twentieth century and remain a staple. This month at Solo Blinds, we’re going to break down what makes vertical blinds so ideally suited to healthcare settings.

Simple design, easy to clean

In any setting open to the public, but especially for those in healthcare, it’s important that all areas can be kept clean and sterile. That’s why vertical blinds pair so well with most spaces. Their simple design, allowing you to slide the whole track to one side, means it’s easy to dust around them and clean the windows, but it also means they’re quick to wipe down if you opt for a rigid PVC material. 

That means less effort is required to stay on top of hygiene when it comes to windows and blinds, a priceless feature for any business.

Full control over lighting and privacy

Being able to adjust your blinds at home is important, and it’s even more useful for healthcare settings. Take the dentist’s office for example, where not only will staff want to adjust vertical blinds during the day to keep any waiting patients comfortable, but the practitioners may also want to adjust lighting, helping with everything from x-rays to examinations.

On top of this, privacy is vital in such situations, so the ability to open, close and adjust throughout the day shouldn’t be overlooked in the importance of vertical blinds.

Calming colours to suit any setting

Many people experience anxiety while waiting for their appointment in healthcare, so it’s critical that they are put at ease as much as possible by their surroundings. The design for such environments should use calming colours, while also feeling bright and airy so that patients don’t feel closed in or overwhelmed. Vertical blinds are ideal in this sense, offering both plenty of natural light and the ability to choose soothing colours, including neutral and pastel tones to match the overall decor.

Hard wearing and water resistant

Due to the amount of foot traffic these spaces see throughout any given day, any window dressing needs to be hard wearing enough to stand up to the test. Without durable materials and construction, healthcare practitioners would find their blinds easily damaged and in need of regular replacement to maintain tidy premises. Vertical blinds are ideally suited to these environments and can also be made using water-resistant materials to help protect them in spaces where liquid spillages or splashes may occur.

Available with blackout fabrics

For any healthcare setting where total darkness is required – where patients are sleeping or in an optician’s examination room, for example – blackout fabrics can be used to create vertical blinds. You retain the adjustable nature of the blinds but can create a much darker space for practical purposes when required.

Here at Solo Blinds, we stock a wide range of vertical blinds to suit healthcare premises, including doctors’ offices, dentists, opticians, care homes, hospices, hospitals and more. Wherever you are in the North East – including Cramlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth or the surrounding areas – look no further than our professional, fully trained commercial team when selecting blinds for your business.

We can provide a free site visit to help you get the right blinds to meet the needs of your environment along with quotations and free fitting. Call today and we’ll be happy to speak to you about blinds for your healthcare business.

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